Upon the musical canvas of Raag Desh,
Sai Ganesh Nagpal has created an epiphany,
a journey that flows, reverentially,
like an ancient river.

The Times of India

Sai Ganesh Nagpal is a singer, artiste and educator who performs traditional Indian music with a focus on Bhakti Sangeet. He is the founder of
‘The Serene Swan Studio’ – a centre of musical performance and Vedic studies, where Sai promotes Hindustani Classical music, Sanskrit studies and Yoga among learners in India and overseas, bringing light to the relevance of Vedic art forms and knowledge in modern times.  Many of Sai’s musical performances evoke themes of Bharatiya Sanskriti, breathing new life into traditional songs, kirtans and chants – making them accessible and enjoyable for a diverse audience.

During his performances and through the medium of his recordings, he often shares eloquent English translations and interpretations of Sanskrit verses from a variety of ancient texts. He sings traditional bhajans – written by Mirabai, Kabir, Tulsidas ji and other devotee legends, as well as more contemporary kirtans and ‘namavali’ bhajans that string together the divine names into melodious and rhythmic musical pieces.

Sai’s rendition of Vande Mataram was inspired by his visits to ancient places of pilgrimage across India. At each ancient temple site, it was the same overwhelming presence of Bhakti or devotion to the motherland that often moved him to tears. He decided to channel this love for the unique beauty of India into soulful melody.

“Before composing, I spent the year visiting temple towns, including Khajuraho and Kashi. It is from there that the music sprang forth,” shares Sai.